Stress and Relaxation

In the today’s world the stress surrounds us from all the corners of our living environment. There is good stress and bad stress. The bad stress affects adversely our body, mind and spirit. It can also lead to the emotional problems.


Stress And Relaxation

From home to work and vice a versa
From home to school and vice a versa
From attending meetings
From boss to workers and vice a versa
From boss to colleagues and vice a versa
After travelling
Pressure of the family
Monetary constraints
Malnutrition and Sickness

The Two Aspects of Stress Reduction are:

  1. The consultation which includes the following:

    Individualized Constitution (Nutritional, Ayurvedic Dosha and Chinese)
    The Underlying Health Problems (to be corrected)
    Emphasis is on Life Style, Food, Diet and Nutrition
    Recommendations of Herbs, Homeopathy and Supplements
    Physical and mental fitness

  2. We can help there with following methods.

    Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)
    Marma Point therapy
    Crystals and Gem Therapies