Weight Management


Over Weight? Under Weight? Food addictions?

Dr. Pahwa has helped many of his clients in managing their weight.

For those who wanted to reduce, they did reduce.
For those who wanted to gain, they gained.

He has also helped patients with food addictions, those who keep visiting the kitchen and open the cupboards and drawers to eat something.

Stressful eating

Before the program we do an in-person consult and it includes the following:

Individualized Constitution (Nutritional, Ayurvedic Dosha and Chinese)
The Underlying Health Problems (to be corrected)
Emphasis is on Life Style, Food, Diet, Herbs, Homeopathy and
Nutrition and Specific Exercises

The tools we use are:

Enhancing the Will Power
Correcting your Nutritional Deficiencies
Stress Management
Helping your Metabolism
Cleansing, the Right Way (not everyone needs this)
Fasting, the Right Way (not everyone needs this)
Acupuncture (very effective modality)
Exercises, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing